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Sherie Hawley



Your Eugene Realtor

Sherie's Background

Sherie Hawley combines an astute business sense in real estate with being passionate about the needs of her clients to fulfill their dreams. Prior to real estate, Sherie worked as a nutrition educator. She has volunteered and worked in emergency food and shelter programs in Oregon, the United Way and in a variety of other youth and community development activities around the world. Sherie has a Master's Degree from Columbia University's Teacher's College and a B.S. from Scripps College.

After five years in the real estate business, Sherie Hawley formed her own real estate company to provide greater personalized service to clients with their home and commercial needs. Whether buying or selling property, Sherie's priority is to put the needs of her clients first and take whatever time or effort is needed for successful outcomes.

Sherie's Expertise

She is an expert in evaluating properties, particularly in the enhancements needed to maximize their sale value or, for buyers, to determine what it will take for a property to meet their needs. She understands the seasonal timing and other nuances of the real estate market, and is Eugene's leader in presenting homes for sale that demonstrate their finest qualities.

Sherie has experience in buying and selling homes across the size and value spectrum, from Portland to Eugene in rural and urban settings. She specializes in advising clients and linking them to the best support possible for financing, repairs, restorations and other things. Her high level and sincere integrity, warm can-do personality and tireless work are her trademarks.